CBN Watermelon Gummies 200mg

20 count bottle (200mg CBN total) of CBN Gummies. CBN has shown potential to be strongly effective for anxiety and relaxation in several studies. Cannabinol (CBN), is a very rare minor cannabinoid found in hemp. 
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-10mg of CBN per gummy
-Gluten-free, allergen-free, vegan, and kosher
-Products are made using U.S. Hemp Authority-certified non-GMO industrial hemp grown in the USA using natural farming practices
-All natural ingredients, no dyes. 

Ingredients: Glucose Syrup, Sugar, Filtered Water, Apple Pectin, Carnauba Wax (Processing Aid), Citric Acid, Natural Watermelon and Mango Juice Concentrate with other Natural Flavors, Sunflower Lecithin, Sunflower Oil and Vegetable Juice Concentrate, Cannabinol (CBN) from Hemp Extract