A "vape" is an electronic device that heats up a liquid to create a vapor that is inhaled. All vaping devices work in the same basic way: A battery powers a coil-heating element that turns a liquid solution known as vape juice into an aerosol. Different devices apply these principals in differing ways - resulting in many variants & systems. The cartridges that hold the vape liquid usually consists of a unique strain flavoring or terpenes.
We carry two general categories of vapor products: 1). Disposable vape pens and 2). Cartridges that fit 510 thread battery devices which is the vape industry standard for most atomizers and tanks.
We believe in "clean carts" and all vape products have upon request Certificates of Analysis (COA) that are lab results showing the products do not exceed Federal Delta-9 limits of 0.3% and also free of pesticides and heavy metals.